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Jordan Rothstein

Therapeutic Massage Therapist in
Berkeley, CA

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(888) 758-7439 ;7358

About My Massage Therapy

26 Years of Experience.

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Get relief from pain, tension, injuries, and postural distortion.Massage therapy for back pain, headaches, neck pain, TMJ pain, wrist pain, scoliosis, sciatica, sports injuries, dance injuries, plantar fascitis, shin splints, etc. My massage is results-Oriented Massage Therapy.
I do problem solving. Where it hurts may not be where the problem is. Sometimes back pain comes from the front, or elsewhere. I find the causes of your pain by asking you questions, listening, looking at your alignment, examining with my hands, and thinking. I know the body thoroughly, and have mastered a range of methods to help you.

Massage Therapy That Treats the Causes of Pain. Pain can be caused by: Muscle tension, twists and bends in the spine, tension in the gut, trigger points, inflexible ligaments, fixated joints, adhesions, etc. I can find and fix all of it for you. A client called this “deeply intelligent massage”. Massage that really helps.

If you're looking for powerful massage therapy that changes things, you're in the right place.

Jordan Rothstein CMT 29790
Helping people get out of pain since 1986

Availability - Call me to find out my availability and to book a massage. Click (888) 758-7439 ;7358 . All calls are free.

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Certifications & Licenses

CMT Granted by many massage therapy schools. Even a person who has only taken an eight-hour course can claim to be certified.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Massage Rates

$40-30 min $80-60 min $120-90 min (US dollar)

Where is the massage performed?

This massage therapist will perform the massage only at their massage studio, they will not travel to you.

Massage Modalities

The following massage modalities are available for your massage sessions:

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Massage Schools Attended

Florida School of Massage
World School of Massage & Holistic Healing Arts
San Francisco School of Massage
Colorado Crainial Institute

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