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Rod Valenzuela

Therapeutic Massage Therapist in
Jersey City, NY

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(888) 758-7439 ;7158

About My Massage Therapy

7 Years of Experience.

In addition to regular relaxing massage, I specialize “computer strain syndrome (tight neck & shoulder),” back pains, lower back issues, herniated discs, pre-natal & post-natal, stress/anxiety, sciatica, high heel shoes related pains, limited range of motion on shoulder blades, neck and hip balancing, depression & insomnia, fatigue and tiredness, body trimmings (cellulysis), post rehab massages on hip, knee replacements, lyposuction, spinal fusion, chest and abdominal massages

In making an appointment, please leave your name, a brief message, number to call. No block calls please.

Availability - Call me to find out my availability and to book a massage. Click (888) 758-7439 ;7158 . All calls are free.

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