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Simon Collum

Therapeutic Massage Therapist in
Ridgewood, NJ

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(888) 758-7439 ;7090

About My Massage Therapy

5 Years of Experience.

I really believe that compassion is at the root of happiness. Not only compassion towards others but compassion towards yourself. I trully believe the positive energy of compassion is extremely healing.There are so many beautiful and different ways to apply that energy. We just need to work together to to find what fits you best. I have experience in many different techniques from athe very technical Medical massage to more intuitive areas such as Reiki and Shing Chi.

Availability - Call me to find out my availability and to book a massage. Click (888) 758-7439 ;7090 . All calls are free.

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$35-30 min $70-60 min $100-90 min (US dollar)

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This massage therapist will travel to you, they do not offer massage at a massage studio.

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