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What is this website about?

It is free to use the 888 number and search for massage therapists.

My Massage Therapists is a leading massage therapist directory since 2005. What are you looking for today? Shiatsu, deep tissue, or maybe a pregnancy massage? We have someone for you. We are home to thousands of talented massage therapists who are waiting to hear from you. Mostly in the United States, but we continue to expand internationally. Search our database to find the massage therapist for your particular needs. All across the world, from smaller communities to cosmopolitan cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. We have a massage therapist to suit your needs. What are you waiting for? Search for a massage therapist now from the Home or the Advanced Search pages.


We put money in your pocket first to prove the productivity. You receive 5 free calls before we ask you to subscribe. Marketing on the internet is a time consuming and complicated undertaking. We simplify the complexity for you. No need to build a website and then try to drive traffic to it. We take care of that for you. When you become a member of My Massage Therapists you become part of a larger community and the benefits that come along with that. Because we are so large we attract more attention from the search engines than any independent website can possibly attract. So whether you have your own website or not, we are a solution for you.

What are the features?

Unlike other sites, you will know that we are delivering clients to you. All calls from My Massage Therapists appear on your phones as (888) 758-7439. If you are a massage therapist looking to build your client base, then apply to be a member of our community. We offer an easy-to-use and effective service at a highly competitive. The service quickly pays for itself with just one new client. If you can win that client over to monthly massages you have paid for years of service. Compare the rates to advertise in a newspaper or other massage therapist directory. Yes, there are free massage therapist directories out there, but who are your neighbors? Who has the profile next to you? If you want a clean, wholesome, and professional environment, then join us by clicking on the register button in the top right corner now.


My Massage Therapists gives back to the community by donating a portion of our proceeds for scholarships which support the continued growth of the massage community.